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Fashion in the 21st century

our approach

Let's make sure disposable fashion does not lead to a disposable planet

We decided to do our part to reduce the waste created by the fashion industry by offering a product you can love and wear with pride. 

Here’s what we do:


deadstock fabrics

We select only the most beautiful overstock fabrics that are left behind in warehouses by the big wasteful fashion companies.  Our search never stops and we travel throughout Italy to find gems that we hope you will love. 


Timeless designs

We design and craft beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces that are based on timeless classics but with a modern twist.  You will be able to wear these clothes for years because we don’t follow the latest fad or the stupidity of fashion week.  We design for you and the world not to talk to ourselves.


small batches

We make all of our clothes in Milano at a beautiful, family run, laboratory where people have been doing this craft for over 40 years. We care for them. We love them. Without them this would not be possible. We only make a few items at a time and utilize the amount of fabric we have found down to the last millimeter. This means two things: we don’t make too many just to lower costs and then have to throw them out. AND you get to wear something that is limited edition every time. In fact, when we say we make only a few we mean five to ten pieces at a time. That’s exclusive! Yes it costs us a bit more but it helps everyone involved.


democratic pricing

We bring these beautiful clothes to you at a fair price. No, we’re not as cheap as fast-fashion because that would mean producing millions of pieces that eventually end up in landfills.  And, we are not the cheapest because our clothes are made by hand with people who are paid a fair wage.  At the same time, we don’t overcharge for profits and we’re priced at less than half of what you’d pay for the same quality from legacy fashion brands.


we give back

We believe that this world has created opportunities for so many people. However, there are still a lot of people who are in dire need of help. That’s why we decided from the beginning to take a percentage of our profits and give them to various charities. We vary from season to season. It could be a charity that helps medical research for a disease that has less attention from big pharma, or a small school in Africa. Our community is the world we live in. And we all have  to start redistributing what we have to those who have less. That way, everyone will have more.

in a way

every item saves the world

That’s all. We hope you will enjoy this journey along with us and that you love every item you buy from us. Remember the world is a beautiful place. All we have to do is look at it with our eyes and heart open.