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a simple idea

per un mondo migliore

From the beginning we try to follow a set of values to achieve the larger goal of a better planet for all  

Ecco cosa teniamo in mente ogni giorno:

H&L ha in mente tutte le parti interessate per assicurarci di proteggere ciascuno di loro.



We do everything to make sure our impact is minimal.



We are part of a larger community and everyone needs to be treated fairly. The people who buy our products, the people who make them, those who may be impacted, and why not? Those who have less and need help.



We want to make sure the business is not obsessed with profits at any cost but instead to make a fair profit and distribute the rest to those who need it more. 

The 3Ps that can help fix this world of ours.

Planet.  People. Prosperity.