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Il tuo carrello è vuoto

One goal

Basta alla cultura dello spreco

The instant gratification that comes with fast fashion also comes at a cost:

The devastation and destruction of our planet. 

The waste

Vedi, ogni anno 1 miliardo [ cioè un miliardo con una M ] di indumenti vengono prodotti in Cina e, in media, 40 kg. di vestiti a persona vengono gettati via. Perché? Dobbiamo fermare questa cultura dello spreco!

our belief

We started Humans & Land to help ensure the world has a beautiful future. We believe you should be able to wear clothes you love and be responsible at the same time. We’re tired of fashion companies who just pay lip service to the issue and continue to make over a billion garments a year destroying our world.

The choices we make

Every day represents an opportunity to stop this waste. We encourage everyone to think before they buy. Don't pander to the fashion industry that is only concerned with profits. Buy from brands who care. Create a worlds that cares.